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When Fame Meets Love: Introduction

Sunday, October 25, 2009 @ 11:51 PM

Life is all about give and take. If you want something, you got to earn for it. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice; sometimes, you need to let go.

The famous icons we see on the TV are someone we usually jealous and admire. They portray the image of wealth, glamorous and fabulous life, and successful career. But are they really that happy and care-free beneath the mask?

All the TVXQ members are very eager to lead a care-free life. Of course, it is all most 99% impossible to them, as they have no time even to rest at all after following the pack schedule and studies in universities. Although they miss their own beloved family and are exhausted from the daily works and studies, they are happy because five of them can stay together and share happiness. One day, after meeting them, their live change gradually. They feel that the day to become care-free and stress-free is coming closer and closer to them...

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(by Ange, yours truly)

Once upon a time… Oh who are you kidding. There aren’t any dragons, damsel in distress and knights with silver swords here in this story of mine.

Hi! I’m a typical teenage girl from a band named Celestia, which consists of 5 members, and I’m one of them. We studied in many internationals school before, since we migrate like almost every 3 years to travel around the world. We are a group formed to target the whole world, and Asia is our first station to reach our goal! Of course, we understand quite a lot of languages.

Why do I say understand? It’s because we don’t learn them deeply, except for Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Learning these languages is definitely NOT our idea. Who likes to mess up their own brains with different languages, and sometimes we even mess up our own mother tongue when we speak with each other and tangled our own tongue. We learn this because of our brilliant boss, Mr. Shabu (obviously, this is not his real name), who is only 25 this year. But believe me or not, his ideas are brilliant, and that is why our company is earning much income every year. And, the most irritating thing ever…


We’re heading to Korea next to target the Kpop market. Of course, we need to get ourselves famous first before doing anything. So Mr. Shabu here thought of a plan to pair us up with Korean dudes, i.e. we’ll be singing duet.

We were so shocked when we first hear this unpredictable news. From what our *beloved* boss said, it’s a future trend to sing duet with boys. But since we have 5 in our groups, we would have to pair up with 5 boys as well.

After hearing this freaking news, we thought of many things. First, we thought of killing our boss. Second, we thought of poisoning the guys that will be pairing up with us. Well I must say, I am definitely fine with boys. In fact, boys are my favourite topic. Normal girls love to talk about boys, isn’t it? It’s just that… Jolyn and Nicky doesn’t like them much, while Shu is just fine with the whole plan. Fiona and I are excited about the whole thing! Since boys are one of our favourite topics :D

We wanted to kill our boss because he likes to make decisions without discussing with us. In addition, he is giving us “devil’s training in hell” type of practice every day, until we find our perfect match.

Therefore, we have to stay and over night in the studio and the hostel beside it without resting. For your information, we had been staying awake for more than 24 hours. Well, it’s not a happy and luxurious thing to be a super star after all.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, let me introduce to my band mates. Hehe… Almost forgot all about it after yapping a lot about my band. Heh…

Normally we call her Nick. She’s the leader of our group and she’s the most mature among us, and childish at times. She is a caring and charismatic leader indeed. She cares about us very, very much. She’s like a daddy for us as she is the eldest in the group.

Oh Shu, my playful teammate. She is also playful like me. And, she’s also a walking dictionary. She is quite tall, so I like to jump and lean on her. Of course she scolded me at the beginning, but gave up later on. And now, I am even allowed to sleep on her shoulders! She is my lovely teddy bear :D

Jolyn… How should I describe her? She’s my childish counterpart. She’s challenging and a lil’ hot-tempered. She is also loud and loves horror movies. She actually wanted to be a doctor, but was dragged into showbiz by Nicky. Stubborn, yet easily influenced by us. A helpful and cheerful girl in the group. She's the mood maker!

The youngest member in our group with the most opinion! And the closest one to me! We have a lot to talk when we are placed together. She loves to shop and play, also, she loves cold jokes. She can be sarcastic and rational. She is a game addictor and a fun girl to get along with. Ohm and, she asks a lot of questions.

Well, this is brief introduction of my beloved members from my point of view. I never get tired of being together with them. They were nice to me as well, treating me as a newly born baby, just because I was the youngest in the group. But I don’t hate this feeling, since it’s my luck. And they won’t get angry on me easily, because my specialty was coquetry. Hehe... (Evil smile)

Oh. Some of the readers are feeling sleepy right now, so I shall began the story!


Ange Lee
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